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Moods and inspirations comics, folklorics, naturalistics, supercalifragilistics !!

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Moods and inspirations comics, folklorics, naturalistics, supercalifragilistics !!

Hi! I'm Andréa , a french illustrator and pattern designer.

After a career as an expressionist painter and graphic designer, I naturally turned to illustration with the main motivations: to embellish everyday life and bring art into homes.

Take a look at the Causes and Charities Collection : 50 % of earnings donated !

Since my childhood the animal condition and the environment have been at the center of my concerns. As proof, the first decision of my adult life was to become a vegetarian. So this collection is required to grow steadily.

For the moment, the proposed motifs have for subject the animals of the forest in winter, nature adorned with the colors of the holidays with a majority of reds and greens.

There are also traditional motifs inspired by French toile de Jouy, with inscriptions "Christmas time is here again" and cottage designs. T-shirts with a 2022 calendar and full zodiac on the back are also available.

My waterworld motif was my first pattern for a good cause: Oceana! This one is valid the whole year :)

Visit my website : https://www.andrealeonelli.art

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